Female Scientists in History United Kingdom

Ada Lovelace: She Wrote The World’s 1st Computer Program [150 YEARS AGO]

Ada Lovelace: Who Was She? Ada Lovelace (10 December 1815 – 27 November 1852) is best known for her work on Charles Babbage’s early mechanical computer, the Analytical Engine. The daughter of poet Lord Byron and Anna Isabella Milbanke was eventually to become a leader in the fields of mathematics and science. At only 17 years old she collaborated with Charles Babbage to craft algorithms for his Analytical Engine, making her the first person to…

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Female Astronauts: The Ultimate List [2023 Updated]

When most people think of astronauts, they tend to think of men. But there have been many incredible women who have also taken to the stars – literally. But women have played an essential part in space exploration as well as being trailblazing scientists. Here’s a list of some of the most notable female astronauts. Who knows, maybe one day you could be on this list too! Valentina Tereshkova True fact: Sally Ride wasn’t the…

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Ann Hodges: She Took A Nap & Was Hit By A Meteorite!

Ann Hodges: What Happened To Her? In 1954, 34 year old Ann Hodges was napping peacefully on her couch, in her house in Sylacauga, Alabama. Suddenly, a meteorite crashed through the roof of her house and hit her. This event made headlines all over the world, and Ann’s story continues to capture imaginations to this day. Here’s everything you need to know about this incredible woman and her extraordinary life. On November 30, 1954, Ann…

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Turia Pitt: Didn’t Let Burning While Running Stop Her

Turia Pitt: How Did She Get Burned? “I heard a noise, so I took off my headphones and raised my head.Then, I saw the fire.The huge wall of fire that was quickly advancing towards me.When the fire got to me, I remember looking down at my hands and seeing them on fire, I screamed in horror and thought: That’s it, it’s over.” That’s how Turia Pitt describes the moment she realized that she’s on fire.…

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Black Women In History USA

Lulu White: The Black Owner of New Orleans’s Most Notorious Brothel, Mahogany Hall

Before there was the French Quarter, there was Storyville. New Orleans’ red light district was established in 1897 and named for city alderman Sidney Story, who wrote the ordinance that created the district. Storyville was located in the present-day Faubourg Tremé neighborhood and was home to some of the most famous brothels in the country, including Mahogany Hall. Mahogany Hall was owned by Lulu White, a light-skinned black woman who passed as white. She was…

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Female Entrepreneurs United Kingdom

Hannah Humphrey: The Publisher Who Made James Gillray

If you’re a fan of 18th century caricature artist James Gillray, then you’re probably familiar with the signature “H. Humphrey” that appears on many of his works. But who was the woman behind that signature? Her name was Hannah Humphrey, and she was an entrepreneur in her own right. Hannah Humphrey was a successful 18th century entrepreneur who overcame obstacles to build a thriving business. Through hard work and determination, she became one of the…

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Female Scientists in History

28 Female Scientists Who Changed The World

If you’ll ask a random person to think of a scientist, likely they’ll think of a dude in a white lab coat. Sure, most people are familiar with Marie Curie and perhaps Rosalind Franklin, but if you ask a sample of ten people to name just five more women scientists, they will likely draw a blank. Yet Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, and many other male scientists are household names. Throughout history,…

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Authors Interviews Ireland Israel

Resa Gooding: Making The Pivot To Being The Best In Your Field

Resa Gooding, a Partner Engagement Manager at HubSpot, is one of the top women nowadays in the uber-competitive & fast-pace world of B2B marketing. Born in the West Indies, her rise to the top of HubSpot, a Dublin-based company that Fortune named “One of the top 100 companies in 2022” was never given. When she immigrated to Israel, she quickly realized that her greatest assets is her mother’s tongue: English. Without knowing anyone, she rose…

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Karl M Baer: First Transgender Person To Undergo Female-To-Male (FTM) Surgery

Karl M Baer:  Who Was He? Karl M. Baer was born as Martha, in 1885 Germany – and he was buried in 1956 in Bat Yam (Israel), as Karl M. Baer. During that time, he managed to become a feminist activist, to undergo the first known sex-reassignment surgery, to move to Israel, to become an insurance agent – and live in a polyamorous relationship with two women in Bat Yam. Despite all this, so few…

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Lise Meitner: Women Weren’t Allowed to Attend University. She Self-Studied Her Way to a Doctorate.

She was the first woman in Germany to become a full professor and later run a Physics department. Albert Einstein called her “the German Marie Curie” After World World II, the Allies called her “the Mother of the Atomic Bomb.” And yet, when Hahn, her research partner, was awarded the Nobel Peace price in Chemistry in 1944, the committee overlooked her (because what does a Jewish woman have to do with a Physics breakthroughs, right?)…

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Black Women In History USA

Mary Lumpkin: Enslaved Woman Who Freed A Notorious Salve Prison & Taught The Enslaved To Read

Mary Lumpkin: What Is She Known For? Mary Lumpkin was born in the peak of slavery in the United States, and she herself was born an enslaved person. During her extraordinary life she would not only gain her freedom, but she was able to free a notorious prison slave and start a school devoted to educate enslaved people. She herself was born enslaved, was raped by her enslaver – a notorious slave prison owner –…

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