Lulu White: The Black Owner of New Orleans’s Most Notorious Brothel, Mahogany Hall

Lulu White

Before there was the French Quarter, there was Storyville. New Orleans’ Red Light District was established in 1897 and named for city alderman Sidney Story, who wrote the ordinance that created the district. It was the first district in the United States that attempted to regulate prostitution of women by designating a specific district for … Read more

The Trung Sisters: The Sisters That Defeated The Chinese & Liberated Vietnam

The Trung Sisters: Who Where They? In the year 40 AD, two extraordinary women revolutionized Vietnam and changed its history forever. Their names were Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, and they are now known as the Trung sisters. They led a successful rebellion against the Chinese Han Dynasty. They were able to rule an independent … Read more

Female Astronauts: The Ultimate List [2023 Updated]

When most people think of astronauts, they tend to think of men. But there have been many incredible women who have also taken to the stars – literally. But women have played an essential part in space exploration as well as being trailblazing scientists. Here’s a list of some of the most notable female astronauts. … Read more

Ann Hodges: She Took A Nap & Was Hit By A Meteorite!

Ann Hodges at the hospital after being hit by a meteorite

Ann Hodges: What Happened To Her? In 1954, 34 year old Ann Hodges was napping peacefully on her couch, in her house in Sylacauga, Alabama. Suddenly, a meteorite crashed through the roof of her house and hit her. This event made headlines all over the world, and Ann’s story continues to capture imaginations to this … Read more

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Juliette Greco: She Was Imprisoned by the Gestapo And Became One of France’s Most Famous Singers

Juliette Gréco didn’t get off to a promising start. She was born as a product of rape – a fact which her mother kept reminding her of. As a child, her mother sent her and her sister, Charlotte, to live with their grandparents. Her mother took them back after her grandparents died in 1938. Juliette … Read more

Mary Lumpkin: Enslaved Women That Freed A Prison Jail & Taught Them To Read

Mary Lumpkin: Enslaved Women That Freed A Prison Jail & Taught Them To Read

Mary Lumpkin: What Is She Known For? Mary Lumpkin was born in the peak of slavery in the United States. Slaves were considered mere property, and were sold for the owners’ benefit, regardless of their families, children, and desires. Slave owners often maintained order at the plantation with brute force, and deliberately kept enslaved people … Read more