5 Must-Read Books About Racism By Women To Read in 2022

Educate Yourself

Now more than ever is the time to educate ourselves about racial inequalities in America.

Because if you’re not help to solve the problem – you’re part of the problem.

Table of Contents

    White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism – ROBIN DIANGELO

    What makes this books so unique, is that it’s written by a white woman.

    Talking about racism and white privilege is difficult and something most people would rather avoid. But Robin tackles this head on – and invites you to do the same. 

    When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir – PATRISSE CULLORS

    Calling Black Lives Matters activisits “terrorists” has become a common practice among white racists (and our president) in an attemp to delegitimize the movement and the activists. 

    When they call you a terrorist

    Cullors is a co-founer of the movement, and talks honestly what it feels like when your own country calls you a terrorist when you attempt fight racial inequalities. 

    You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain – PHEOBE ROBINSON

    Pheobe Robinson is a NYC-based comedian, so this book put together personal ancedotes in a funny way that would also make you think about the everyday realities of black women in the US today. Case in point: why it’s never ok for a white person to ask to touch a black women’s hair. 

    If you prefer audio to listening, Robinson’s narrates her own memoir on Audible, and this makes the experience even better.

    The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness – MICHELLE ALEXANDER

    No list would really be complete without this book.

    You can’t really understand racial inequalities in the US, without understanding how racial stereotypes about black have led to mass incarcerations.

    And, how our criminal system just makes it almost impossible for black people to avoid brush-ins with the legal system. 

    The Fire This Time: A New Generation Speaks about Race – JESMYN WARD

    The National Book Award-winning author of Salvage the Bones edited this anthology of essays and poems that engage with James Baldwin’s 1963 examination of race in America, The Fire Next Time.

    Organized into three sections, it looks at our legacy, the state of things today, and how we can work toward a better future.

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