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Resa Gooding: Making The Pivot To Being The Best In Your Field

Resa Gooding, a Partner Engagement Manager at HubSpot, is one of the top women nowadays in the uber-competitive & fast-pace world of B2B marketing. Born in the West Indies, her rise to the top of HubSpot, a Dublin-based company that Fortune named “One of the top 100 companies in 2022” was never given. When she immigrated to Israel, she quickly realized that her greatest assets is her mother’s tongue: English. Without knowing anyone, she rose…

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Cindy Gallop: How To End Rape Culture With Love

“We end rape culture by doing something incredibly simple that nevertheless, nobody else anywhere on the internet is doing. We end rape culture by showing you how wonderful, great consensual communicative sex is in the real world.” The bold claims are made by Cindy Gallop – a trailblazing woman if ever there was one.   An “action oriented” person, as she describes herself, she is aiming to change our shame-based culture around sex.  Born in England…

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