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Ada Lovelace: She Wrote The World’s 1st Computer Program [150 YEARS AGO]

Ada Lovelace: Who Was She? Ada Lovelace (10 December 1815 – 27 November 1852) is best known for her work on Charles Babbage’s early mechanical computer, the Analytical Engine. The daughter of poet Lord Byron and Anna Isabella Milbanke was eventually to become a leader in the fields of mathematics and science. At only 17 years old she collaborated with Charles Babbage to craft algorithms for his Analytical Engine, making her the first person to…

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Hannah Humphrey: The Publisher Who Made James Gillray

If you’re a fan of 18th century caricature artist James Gillray, then you’re probably familiar with the signature “H. Humphrey” that appears on many of his works. But who was the woman behind that signature? Her name was Hannah Humphrey, and she was an entrepreneur in her own right. Hannah Humphrey was a successful 18th century entrepreneur who overcame obstacles to build a thriving business. Through hard work and determination, she became one of the…

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June Almeida: The Scottish Woman Who Dropped Out of School and Discovered Coronavirus

June Almeida was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1930, and died in 2007 – long before COVID-19, took our lives by storm. She dropped out of school at the age of 16 and never formally attended university. Yet she was still a groundbreaking virologist. In fact, she was the first person who succeeded in photographing the virus that causes rubella and was the first person to identify a new class of virus: the coronavirus.  June Almeida:…

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Mary Anning: The 12-Year-Old That Discovered the First Dinosaur

Mary Anning: Who Was She?  Everyone who has ever watched Friends knows what Ross’s job is (Paleontology), but have you ever wondered where this fascinating subject emerged? One of the researchers who paved the way for fossil research was Mary Anning. Even as a child, she would walk along the river and find fossils from the Jurassic era. The fossils that she collected contributed to a fundamental change in scientific thinking about ancient life and…

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Famous Lesbians in History: Ultimate List [2023 UPDATED]

Throughout history, there have been a number of notable queer women who have made their mark on the world. From Queen Christina of Sweden to Anne Lister, these brave individuals were not afraid to express themselves and live openly as lesbians, even when it was illegal or not talked about. Queen Christina of Sweden (1626–1689) Queen Christina of Sweden (1626–1689) was queen regnant of the Swedish Empire from 1632 until her abdication in 1654. She…

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Constance Lloyd: The Tragic Life of Oscar Wilde’s Wife

Constance Lloyd was an Irish trailblazing women, feminist, and social activists in the 19th century. Today, however, she is sadly remembered mainly for being the wife of Irish author Oscar Wilde. Constance Lloyd: Early Life & Childhood She was born in 1858 to an English family living in Dublin, Ireland. Constance Lloyd: Her Career Lloyd’s was a famous and established writer in her own right prior to meeting Wilde. She contributed to newspapers across Europe…

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