Africa Black Women In History Leaders

Queen Nzinga: Badass African Queen That Fought The Portuguese & Won

Queen Nzinga: Who Was She? Queen Nzinga saw the white man come to Africa and take shares of her land. Not only did they take shares of her land, but he kidnapped her people into a life of slavery overseas, in what the white man called “the new world”. She swore to fight the Portuguese conqueror until her last breath, to prevent them from turning her people into slaves.And so she did. From the day…

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Africa Black Women In History Musicians Pioneering Women

Miriam Makeba: Anti-Apartheid Singer That Was The “The Voice of Africa”

Miram Makeba: Birth & Early Life Miriam Makeba was first sent to prison when she was just 18 months old. It was 1932, the height of the Great Depression. Her mother, Regina Makeba, was a Swazi sangoma (traditional healer). She typically worked as a domestic worker, but she also set up an illegal brewery at their home in order to make ends meet. And so Little Miriam spent the first six months of her life…

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Africa Authors

Nawal El Saadawi: At Jail, this Egyptian Feminist Wrote A Book With An Eyeliner

Nawal El Saadawi: One Of Egypt’s Leading Feminists Nawal El Saadawi never held back on speaking her mind – even when doing so put her into prison and made her the target of hate and death threats in Egypt and the Arab world. And she didn’t have to. As a doctor and psychiatrist who served as CEO of the Egyptian public health system, she could have chosen to live a comfortable life. But she preferred…

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