African American Women Coloring Pages: Beyonce, Michelle Obama and More

Now, more then ever, we need to inspire our girls and boys – and provide them with positive role models.

That is why I created this coloring pages of 15 amazing, groundbreaking African-American women.

Each picture comes with a 50 word bio.

The women are diverse from varied backgrounds and occupations: from astronaut Mae C. Jemison, to Rhianna, Harriet Tubman and more. Whatever you want to be – you can do it. With those coloring pictures, our girls can see themselves – and the women they can grow up to be.

Because black lives matter.

Click Here To Download And Print The Coloring Pages

List of women featured: 

Oprah Winfrey

Maya Angelou

Josephine Baker

Michelle Obama

Shirley Chislehm


Sourjourner Truth

Ella Fitzgerald

Madame CJ Walker

Harriet Tubman

Bessie Coleman

Serena Williams

Billie Holiday


Mae C. Jemison